Do You Reach Out To People Or People Reach Out To YOU

Do You Reach Out To People Or People Reach Out To YOU?

Are You Reaching Out To People Or would you rather prefer People To Reach Out To YOU? Did you just get started with your online marketing strategies and not sure what to do? This blog post is meant to give you some direction on which path to choose of You Reaching Out To People Or People Reaching Out To YOU?

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So what’s best? You Reaching Out To People Or People Reach Out To YOU?

There’s no straight answer for this one. For sure at your early stages of your career you must invite the people you know to watch your presentation and of course prospect new people at all times. As far as the online route is concerned, again for sure you should be reaching out to new people every day (the right way) and connect with them in order, if they are open, to be exposed to your business opportunity or products/services.

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So, the more you do it the right way, the better you get. Keep improving and learning and practicing and you shall have results for sure! But the only way to get results, is by taking action; i.e: reach out to people online.

What will fastly increase your chances with reaching people online will most definitely be posting valuable and problem solving posts/blogs on as many “places” as you can as frequently as “possible”. If you keep doing this, you will be seen as a leader, as an expert in your field! If you keep sharing value daily, and solve problems daily, you will begin attracting people to you!

You can look at it as if you are a fisherman. Even though I never was in real life, would you rather have one stick, one line, in the water or having large nets in the water to catch the fish for you? The more your valuable content on the internet, the more and bigger your nets for catching the fish! Get the analogy? 😉

And here comes the part where People Reach Out To YOU!

The more you share value and the longer you keep doing this, the more you will be perceived as an authority figure. So, consistency and time are huge factors combined with value! At your beginning, basically you have nothing. But over a good period of time you would have built up good value online and when you reach out to people they will be looking at your pages, profiles etc, and begin to like and trust you more.

You will not be a total stranger to them, but instead an authority figure. Over time people will be reaching out to you, asking you for help with their business or even ask to join you. Notice, I said to join you, not your business. People will want to work with you no matter what business you are involved with! And that my friend is amazing!

From that point forward, when people are reaching out to you, you wouldn’t have to be actively reaching out to more and more people. Since you will be attracting people to you, the game will change!

So, what do you prefer? You Reaching Out To People or People Reach Out To YOU?

Clearly the latter will be better, but it does not come easy. To reach to that level, you will need to be embracing and applying attraction marketing skillsets and principles! If you need any help on that sector you can have a look at my website in which we explain in short videos what’s needed and how to benefit from the online attraction marketing training system we use!

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