You Got Leads! What Do You Do With Them?

You Get Leads! What Do You Do With Them?

Everyone working online wants to learn how to get leads, how to attract people to reaching out to them! Congratulations! You’ve generated a new lead automatically through your capture pages! What do you do with it? How do you get back to the new lead?

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What type of lead is it?

First of, let’s say you’ve generated a lead from a total stranger! You’ve never spoke or chat with that person anywhere before. He just saw your work through your pages and opted in!!!! Congratulations! You’ve got a new automatic lead! Amazing! Isn’t it?

So, what to do with the new lead

I ask for the name, the email, the phone number and their skype ID. Yes, some people just enter wrong information so that they will just get my free offer. Excluding those, if some only enters their email and nothing else, I send them an email asking to schedule for a quick 5 minute call with them to ask about their needs. In that email i ask for their number and skype ID, and of course available time/day options. Since it’s most likely on a different time zone, i ask for that too!

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If their phone number is entered and it’s not local, I send them a different email asking for that 5 minute call and ask them for the skype again…

So basically, whatever information they do not enter, I ask them for everything else in order to book a 5 minute call. The serious ones will respond back. Those that don’t respond, i do not waste my time on them. I work with the ones that want to work with me!

The purpose of all these is to sort through the ones that want to work with me and to book that first call at a mutually suitable time. 


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