Why Blogging Is Essential To Any Network Marketing Representative

Why Blogging Is Essential To Any Network Marketing Representative

Last night I was asked by an online friend Why Blogging Is Essential To Any Network Marketing Representative. He’s using Facebook a lot…

Why Blogging Is Essential To Any Network Marketing Representative: My recorded answer on the below video:

You see, we simply don’t own our social media accounts. If we mistreat them they can get shut down instantly. Just search on google the term “Facebook closes accounts” and you will get the picture.

In case you are not sure if you are treating your Facebook account properly, this free recorded webinar will help you avoid get in Facebook jail.

The other essential reason is that you own your homepage/blog. You bought it, you pay for it and nobody can take it away from you. Of course, you have to be careful at not mistreating it as well, like using other company’s names or logos etc. Check with your company’s rules and regulations to make sure everything is in order…

But since you own it, nobody can take it away from you. From there on, you build your own brand online through that site. You have all your value-problem-solving information there. It will become your own spot online. Your own dent in the internet space. And the more content you put up there, the bigger your power becomes!

You will start becoming an authority figure. People will start reaching out to you because they follow you since you helped them out! They will enter their contact details to get more of your free staff! They will love you for the tremendous value and help you provide them. And they will be ready to buy from you before you even talk to them on the phone!

Hopefully, I drawed the picture i wanted to draw! Please, if not done so, watch the video above where i explain it more!


Again, I cannot stress this enough, you should at all times keep doing what you’ve been doing and have the online strategy as an extra process. It is a long term strategy which needs time, learning, persistence and consistency. It is a marathon and not a 100m race. But the rewards of waking up with new-qualified-ready-to-buy-from-you-people (leads) is magic!

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