What is Attraction marketing what is not attraction marketing and how to benefit from all these

What is Attraction Marketing, What Is Not Attraction Marketing And How To Benefit From All These

Many of us heard this therm, but What is Attraction Marketing though? More importantly, what is NOT Attraction Marketing and how to benefit from all these?

I am answering these questions based on my experience and study on these subject. I am not an expert (just yet 😉 ) but because I’ve been doing a lot of NOT Attraction Marketing and failing miserably for a few years, I can tell you what not to do. From that, you can understand your mistakes (if you are doing them) and start avoiding them.

Then, you will start implementing what’s required for Attraction Marketing to work for you.

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What Is Attraction Marketing?

In very simple terms, Attraction Marketing is your strategically positioned quality valuable problem solving content out on the Internet in places where your target marketing hang’s out. This way, the more you put, the more there is there working for you, and eventually the right people shall start reaching out to you. Not you reaching out to them, but them reaching out to you! Solve their problems and they will start asking for more help! Majic! 😉


What Is Not Attraction Marketing?

Not Attraction Marketing is chasing people to join your business or buy your products or services. Trying to push or persuade someone to give you their money for something they possibly don’t want. Or simply because they do not know, like and trust you, they wouldn’t even bother wasting their time talking to you about what you are offering. It’s like trying to sell something to a complete stranger by going and without even saying ‘hello’ to tell him: ‘hey, this is what i offer, you are getting it, i want XXX amount of money’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

Spamming people with our links everywhere asking them to join us or buy from us, is Not Attraction Marketing.


How to benefit from Attraction Marketing?

First off, stop implementing Non Attraction Marketing Strategies. As simple as that. By doing that, you’ve already surpassed many online wannabe-marketers 🙂 (How do you like this term? 🙂 ) Your next step is to figure out your target audience; learn who is your perfect prospect. From there on, start creating quality valuable problem solving content to approach them, and share that information where these people hang out. Social media platforms are full of all these. But you do not own your social media account. If you mistreat it, you can get shut down.

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The best way and place to have and share your content online, and for all successful online marketers this applies, is to have your own website/blog. Period. Look up every huge top income earners in any company and see if they have their own website/blog. Your blog will be your centralised hub of everything you can share.

This is a huge subject and it needs it’s own blog post, if not several ones. I personally started my blogging career through this magnificent product called The Ultimate Branding Blueprint! The link I have here starts with short videos about branding yourself online, and If what you learn makes sense then you can get The Ultimate Branding Blueprint product!

If you want to learn more about blogging, you can check this amazing product as well. If you want to dive into more depth not only about blogging, but also lead generation and much much more, you need to take a serious good look right here.

In conclusion, STOP NON Attraction Marketing activities and start Attraction Marketing ones. Put all your valuable problem solving content on your website/blog and keep sharing that content to the right places. You will get success over time as you create more and more content. Do not think this will happen overnight, but if you treat it with respect and consistency and be professional, YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Just Imagine…

how would it affect your business if you could be generating 5-10 qualified leads every day? How about that number being increased to more than 100 qualified leads per day? How would that affect your business? These are the benefits of effective Attraction Marketing strategies!

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