Using Twitter To Generate Free Leads

Using Twitter Lead Generation

Do you have trouble using Twitter to generate free leads for your business? I have been using Twitter for a while and have successfully started generating daily leads through Twitter! I am going to share with you some of the most basic properties you have to have in place in order to be able to start generating your own free leads from Twitter!

First of, please note i did not invent these. But instead i have been learning from pros in the industry about Using twitter to generate free leads. One great resource I used for Using twitter to generate free leads is a recorded webinar which you can also watch if you click/tab here.

This is my short Facebook Live video recording about the basics for Using Twitter Lead Generation

To visit the Facebook Live post about Using Twitter Lead Generation just click/tab here.

Some BASIC properties to have in place about Using Twitter Lead Generation

First have a look at my @InspiredNikos Twitter profile below:

Using Twitter To Generate Free Leads

What you have to have in place on your profile to Using Twitter Lead Generation

You must:

  • On your Cover Image
    • Your name (your brand name)
    • A good looking real photo of you
    • Your tagline or what you stand for (what is it for me)
    • Your website/blog (if you have one)
    • Your social media information so that people can connect with you more
  • On your BIO:
    • Your name
    • Your what is it for me statement, a catchy statement and/or question
    • A dynamic link to direct people on your offer
  • Extra
    • Your website/blog link
    • Where you operate/live (I have it everywhere 🙂 )

I talk more analytically on my video above about these basic properties you have to have in place. But to draw the picture for you better here, (and please watch the video because it will be more clear for you there) your cover image and profile picture and bio area are the first impression before someone wanting to follow/unfollow you.

These are the first areas they will look at and decide if they want to know more about you or not. If those areas are not appealing to them, you’ve got no shot. So, make sure you follow the above guidelines and you would have covered the very basics needed to Using Twitter Lead Generation.

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