Two Reasons Why To Buy Traffic To Your Website and Leads Is Not Good

Two Reasons Why To Buy Traffic To Your Website and Leads Is Not Good For You

Are you considering to buy traffic to your website and to buy leads for your home based business? Find here the two main reasons why that’s not good for you.

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The Two Reasons Why Buying Traffic And Leads Is Not Good For You

The first reason is simply because for someone to buy or join you, he would first need to know, like and trust you! So if you did buy traffic and leads, that means you are basically buying phone numbers and/or emails. They are still cold market to you.

When you reach out to them, it’s almost like as if you are approaching a stranger on the street. And i guess most of us know how that typically ends, right? 😉

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Which leads to the second reason…

Relying on the buying traffic and leads strategy, makes you not working on building yourself up. This means you will always be buying traffic and leads instead of getting better and better at generating your own traffic and leads!

Imagine this for a moment, would you rather prefer the easy way out of buying cold leads or would you prefer being able to become that good in which you could generate your own traffic and leads on a daily basis?

Let me take that a step further, how about being that good in which you could be generating fresh traffic and leads reaching out to you daily? Want some numbers?

Ok, how would your business change if you could be generating 5-10 quality leads daily? By saying quality, i mean people that know you, like you and trust you; because they’ve seen your work and the value you put out for them to use! These quality leads are ready to buy from you or join you when you call them! Or better yet, sign up with you automatically?

What if that number raised up to the 50-100 range? or even higher? How would your business change if you had so many new ready-to-buy-from-you-people reaching out to you daily? …just saying! 😉

And that my friend is called Attraction Marketing!

There is one benefit i could see in buying traffic and leads, and that’s just the fact that you would be practicing on your calling strategy, scripts and getting the hand of cold calling! But to me that’s about it.

A negative would be the fact that you would be building up on your expenses for sure. But most importantly, if you would rely with the buying traffic and leads strategy, you would not be learning to create your own. And to me that’s just not good enough. …to me.


One more thing…

And I have one more thing to say about the traffic and leads professional suppliers/affiliates. It’s a business and it’s fine and it’s awesome and all that good staff. But if indeed what they are saying is right and it works and everything, if indeed their traffic is legit and good and relevant people to what I (the potential buyer) would be looking for, why don’t they (traffic and leads providers) join a company and drive that magnificent traffic to their opportunity products/services and blow the industry up? Just wondering…

Anyway, these are my thoughts on the matter. I had a discussion the other day with a very good fellow professional that we just talked about these areas and much more! And it hit me, this would be a great subject to share with my peeps! So, i am just doing it here!

I am not bashing the concept or the people around it, i just personally feel it’s not to my benefit, and also it’s not to the benefit of someone who wants to learn how to build their brand online so that they can actually learn how to generate their own traffic and leads online! …how to properly and effectively attract people to them! That’s all.

You don’t like my word for it, that’s fine. Just “research” the big successful networkers and figure out if they are buying traffic and leads or if they are actually generating their own traffic and leads online! hint hint 😉

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