There are TWO major steps towards network marketing improvement. Back from my Graduate School days I had deeply been exposed into the phenomenal Japanese philosophy called Kaizen. This philosophy is what turned Japan around after the Second World War.

Companies like Toyota were practically inventing and practicing this philosophy which stands for continuous improvements. They were always finding ways to improve everything, for every little process; because if you think of it, everything is a process, right?

Kaizen and Network Marketing Improvement

NETWORK MARKETING IMPROVEMENTWell my friend, there are TWO major steps towards improving your Network Marketing business.  They must be practiced together so that you have maximum results as fast as possible.  Both are equally important and fill in the gaps of each other.

Major Step One:

NETWORK MARKETING IMPROVEMENTThe first Major Step in improvement of your Network Marketing business is to be attending (and of course promoting) training events. Without proper and ongoing training, your success in Network Marketing is very closed to zero. If you settle only on your intuition, your gut feeling, on how to do this business, I strongly suggest you would not even waste your time starting.

You will have doubts: yourself doubting you, some of your friends doubting and rejecting you and so on.  The trainings and the culture of your organisation will keep you going as well as teaching you skills and the right mindset to do your business.

This is crucial to your success.


Major Step Two:

And the Second Major Step towards your improvement is to actually practice what you learn from those trainings. Just keep practicing what you learn, keep learning while you practice and the cycle goes on and on. As my friend and mentor Johnny Wimbrey says repeatedly “Repetition is the mother of all learning”.

I can still remember him during one of our big training events back in 2014 in Madrid Spain, repeating that phrase over and over and over again, just to emphasise to us how BIG the concept of learning and practicing and practicing and learning is.  I even bought the audio recording of that training to keep listening and learning and practicing!  Like he said, “Repetition is the mother of all learning!”

Here’s a short video of mine talking about these two major steps for your Network Marketing Improvement:


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