Time Is Gone Forever

timeTime is the most precious good for all. It’s the only thing that never returns back, it is the only thing that is lost forever, period. Some might argue health is more important than time. Would you rather like to live, God forbids, like a plant for 100 years? Or would you rather prefer to have lived fully to the best of your ability, to the maximum of your being for just 30 years?

Time with kids

I had a good talk with a friend of mine the other day and he spoke through his heart about something that he has regretted over the years. Have in mind he is a successful business man and has worked, still is, very hard for his money. Owning a few businesses but he is working more than six days per week. He has missed most of his boys’ childhood and now he is almost fifty years old. He told me he is making good money but he has not much time for him and his family. He missed his sons from growing up, missed their soccer practices and many more of their activities. One of his sons is finishing high school now and the other one in two years. He would love to find investors to buy his businesses so that he can enjoy life. But these days, he does not see that coming for at least 10 years.

Another friend of mine, a doctor in his profession, had commented something within the same lines. He has regretted the fact that his daughters have grown to young ladies but he was mostly serving his patients. He had thanked his wife for taking the entire household load on her own all these years but he was missing his baby girls’ phase of growing up.

Quality of time

timeYou see my friends, money is not everything. Working hard is not everything. Health is not everything. Quality of time based on your needs is what makes one happy. We realize what we do not have after we lose it and unfortunately time does not return back. Time with our kids during their age of 2 years old does not return back. I had missed much of our first son’s growing up phase but now I am an expert in changing diapers with our second one! And I love it, because I am being with them now! We were on vacation this past weekend and many people have commented about the bond we have together with my sons!!! Priceless!!!

Network marketing opportunities are business systems that can free your time so that you can do whatever you would love doing most valuable with your time.  Being with your kids and loved ones or whatever else pleases you. Just ask yourself this, “Would you be working on your job or your own business if you had other income coming in that was at least two times more of your current income? Would you still do it if it was ten times of that income?” If your answer is yes, then by all means keep doing it, you love it, that’s what is valuable to you! But if there was a way out of that in which it could provide you with some pretty serious money doing it part time consistently for 3-5 years, would you do it? Would you love to leave from your current position because in 3-5 years you could actually retire? Do what you feel is best for you. But I sincerely hope you do not become 50 or 60 years old and regret the fact that you have missed your children from growing up like some of my friends have. Time is lost forever.

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