Three Productivity Tips To Increase Your Business

Three Productivity Tips To Increase Your Business

Are you always very busy running around and never seem to get things done? Always to run out of time during the day? I have three Productivity Tips for you here that can really put you in perspective of things and hopefully make you think and realise where your weaknesses are, with the purpose of improving them!

We just can’t improve on something if we don’t realise we have an issue with it, right? But if it’s pointed out to us and we are ready to receive that message, then for sure we can improve, if we want to! So this post is only for those that have productivity issues and WANT to figure out what’s the matter and don’t get things done properly and on time.

If you are not in that category, feel free to simple leave this page and do something of your liking. I do not want you to waste your time here, …it’s not productive for you! 🙂


Increase Productivity Tip No 1:

Increase ProductivityFailing to plan, is like planning to fail. If you never heard of this before, please let it sink in for a moment. Do you want to be successful in your business, to increase your productivity? Plan your day, week, month, etc. Have written goals down with deadlines and stick to them. Have a planner and work on it daily. Check on your goals daily and plan/adjust the next day from the night before! If you think this is not for you, just ask any successful business person in any business to see if they have a daily plan and if they take it seriously! 😉

Increase Productivity Tip No 2:

Increase ProductivityUse a stopwatch or a timer and set it up to ring every 50 minutes. Have a task ready that you will have to do in 50 minutes and stick to it WITHOUT accepting any interruptions. None. Ok, if there’s an earthquake you can run outside and take your kids with you! Seriously though, that timer can really be your “coach” and increase productivity for you! If you did not finish your task when it rings, let it go and move to the next one. Train yourself to work on those time limits. You will get more done this way, instead of drafting from one to the other or pretend you can multitask! You will be surprised with the time limits that you will increase productivity far more than if you went straight without interruptions.

Increase Productivity Tip No 3:

Increase ProductivityHave a 10 minute break every hour. Step outside, have some water, go to the toilet, chat with a friend for non-business things, have 5 pushups, …do something non-business related. You will clear your mind and get back on the work more focused and with more energy! Breaks are just as important as money making activities. You will increase productivity when your body/brain is relaxed and get focused again. It’s like taking a step back in order to move faster!




Increase Productivity Tip No 4:

Increase ProductivityYes I know I said 3 tips but while doing this, I mentioned another one above! And because it’s very important and over delivering does not hurt you, I just thought to give it some more attention here on its own. When you are doing your task, do not accept any interruptions. None. It’s very important. Silent your phone, close the email tap on your browser, close messenger etc. Stay focused on your task and stick to it! You will increase productivity this way since you will not waste time to get back into what you were doing!

Increase Productivity Quotes:

“Cell phones, mobile e-mail, and all the other cool and slick gadgets can cause massive losses in our creative output and overall productivity” – Robin S. Sharma

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort” – Paul J. Meyer

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So, in short, have a plan throughout each and every day, have a timer set every 50 minutes to keep you on truck of your task at hand, have a 10 minute break to get some water etc, and never be interrupted when doing your task. These three, ok four, will have a huge impact on how you can increase productivity! Use them for a month and you will see your results and believe that you can increase productivity on your business and anything your really want to for that matter!

Looking forward to your comments or questions you might have! If you need more tips just let me know!!!

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