Three Instagram tips to boost your results

Three Instagram Tips To Boost Your Results

Three Instagram tips to boost your resultsAlmost everybody is on Facebook, don’t you agree? Check out the stats about Instagram! 70 million photos per day just tells me there’s lots going on in there! So i digged into it a bit and found out these three Instagram tips to help you boost your results! I also direct those that want more information on a 5 page PDF with loads more tips and information on how they can boost their results with Instagram!

Here’s a short video about the Three Instagram tips to boost your results:

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Here are the Three Instagram tips to boost your results:

TIP Number 1

Post GREAT content that provides value to your audience. Value is the name of the game. If you post crap you will get crap. If you post value content, you will begin to attract value people to you! What do you prefer? (yeah, that was a trick question).

TIP Number 2

Use hashtags in your posts. Anything you post that has a specific hashtag you wish to target, it will be seen by everyone that is looking for that hashtag. This means you can put your content in front of your potential targeted leads for FREE. Think of this again please because it can really boost your results on Instagram. I’ve been doing this tip the last few days and I have been followed by many people and many more of my posts have been liked. From there on, it’s up to me to follow up on them and take it from there!

TIP Number 3

For those that are blogging, put a blog widget from to your blog. Instagram is a social media where people like to hang out and make friends and share information and help each other etc. Give your audience the chance to connect with you on this platform too! Your network will expand through it!

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