Pre Welcome Video To My Attraction Marketing Training System

Pre Welcome Video To My Attraction Marketing Training System

The below video and post will be used as the guiding instructions for my new partners, or those considering to join with me in our Attraction Marketing Training System. Many people are asking “If i join you, how do i go from there… will you help me?” So this blog post and video will be the answer for such issues!

A little bit about our Attraction Marketing Training System

Yes, our system can be overwhelming for most people. It was for me too! You know why? Simply because there are so much to do, there’s a huge database of videos and trainings, there are so many tools to use and the list goes on and on… For a new person, it can definitely be overwhelming. But who says it would be easy? Well, it can be easy 😉

Do you know the expression, you eat an elephant a byte at a time? Same here. You take it step by step and you will be just fine! Some people make a few steps at a time, some walk and some run fast. You will set your own pace and I can help you along the way based on your speed. The above video is the first guiding tool you need to get you on the right track. From there on, you set the pace according to your needs and time availability. This video will be in your backoffice once you join me in the system. If i need to update things, i shall be doing it on a need be basis!

A little bit about me in relation to our Attraction Marketing Training System

Do not worry if you make mistakes along the way. We all do! I still do to this day! But I made it a principle for myself to learn from my mistakes, to also learn from the mistakes of others, and to always keep moving forward!

I was totally wrong for more than three years online. I was doing all the bad things, been put to Facebook jail because i was so wrong at spamming people all the time with my links and opportunity etc, and the list could be endless…

If you want to learn how to avoid being put to Facebook Jail, this training is for you!!! Just click/tab here.

When i found this Attraction Marketing Training System and started realising my endless online mistakes three months ago, I felt there can be some light for me in this looooooong tunnel called online marketing for my network marketing business!

This Attraction Marketing Training System is all i wanted to start learning proper online marketing strategies, to learn how to properly and effectively market myself online, how to properly and effectively approach people online, and how to actually attract the right people to me online!

Being an Electronics Engineer and working for more than a decade here in Cyprus on that, i had no clue about marketing, especially about online marketing 🙁

A beauty of this Attraction Marketing Training System is that once you realise what’s really going on online and how to benefit from the endless possibilities, you can actually apply it all for ANY BUSINESS wanting to be operating online! And this is KEY!

Who we are at this Attraction Marketing Training System

We are a community of professional networkers, of network marketers, of affiliate marketers and corporate business owners, all wanting to succeed online for our personal businesses. There’s no distinction between companies and clearly no fighting among us regarding our personal businesses. We are all in to learn and benefit from this huge Attraction Marketing Training System! It’s just amazing!

Through this incredible community i started meeting people from all sorts of companies and for many of them, i don’t even know (or care) what their primary company is. Why? Because our mindset is the same! Because we all want to learn and improve ourselves! And we help and support each other along the way! And that my friend is beautiful!

So, if you are considering to join us and learn how to properly and effectively market yourself online towards succeeding with YOUR organisation through the online route, feel free to reach out to me for more information, or just click/tab here.


Here’s the Welcome Video To My Attraction Marketing Training System

As you can see from the video above, there are six steps to your success with our Attraction Marketing Training System. Those are:

  1. Watch the whole video above.
  2. Proceed with all the inhouse Start Here Videos for your back office and system.
  3. Register for the next Monday night New Member’s Orientation webinar.
    1. Or watch the most recent recorded one from the Training Library.
  4. Plug into the Tuesday and Wednesday webinars; for every week.
    1. If you miss one, catch the replay from the Training Library (they get uploaded in 1-2 days).
  5. Get your replicated website.
  6. Pick ONLY ONE marketing strategy and run with it.


If you are my new partner, WELCOME! Thank you for trusting me and joining with me and letting me assist you with your online success! I promise i will be next to you all the way!

If you are just another fellow partner with our Attraction Marketing Training System, AWESOME! Please feel free to look around my page, learn from what I am sharing, share if you want, and if you like my steps above, embrace them!

If you are a fellow networker or home business owner in general considering to join our incredible community of online networkers to build your business online through our Attraction Marketing Training System, WELCOME! Feel free to check everything out, ask questions and realise if what we have is a fit for you too! You will find much more information about our Attraction Marketing Training System if you click/tab here. If not interested, that’s ok too! I wish you all the best in everything you wish to be involved with!

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