Personal Change via Network Marketing

I was at a family gathering the other day and one of the older people was condemning the economic situations, the governments, the other countries, the system and just about everything and everybody. I just asked him if there was a way for him to make more money, if he would be interested to doing it.  He went back to all the excuses he could possibly think of, BEFORE even hearing what would be that opportunity.   I must admit, a few years ago I was in similar thinking, not to that extent, but I was blaming everything but me.  Network marketing can change your life, your lifestyle the way you think and perceive things.  There are real stories of thousands of people around the world that have made millions or earn just an extra income through network marketing.  Through the following three main activities of a network marketer one will change his life:

Become more sociable and active

SocialiseOn a daily basis a Network Marketer meets with people, present his product/service/business and of course participate in various events. Just the socializing part alone will change one’s life!  Getting together with like open minded, positive and optimistic people can help change you!  I remember the times I was an employee during the day and in the afternoon I had my network marketing meetings.  All the negative bad energy I collected through a day’s work, the problems that had to be solved and so on, were just forgotten by talking with some of my team friends!  Those meetings were lifting me up because everyone was helping each other out, focusing only on positive!

Helping each other

helping_each_otherLife is not about what you take but about what you give! And you have to give first in order to be able to receive back.  If everyone would receive first without giving …there wouldn’t be any left to get.  I always say that to my older son and he looks at me with a weird look.  I tell him “you’ve got to give first in order for you to get, you’ve got to be good and polite and help and listen to what we tell you, IF you want to get presents, be taken to the Luna-park, eat some chocolate etc.”  You must give first and you shall receive!  But do not give in order to receive; just give.  In Network Marketing is all about helping other people succeed!  And it doesn’t have to be just your down line.  A successful story can be shared by everyone in the company!  Building your company’s strength is far more important than building your own, because everyone can share the success!

Personal Development

personal_developmentPersonal Development is a very important factor in Network Marketing. Most people stop reading books after they graduate; I was like that.  Just focusing on the job without improving one’s self is very limiting.  Since everyone could join a network marketing company, the personal development part plays a huge part in everyone’s success.  I feel that no other industry provides you with more access to personal development training compared to the Network Marketing Industry.   You skills will be improved but more importantly your personality, character and mindset!  Building a big team of people requires leadership skills and the right motivation which most people don’t have by nature.  The Personal Development part and the training system of your company works specifically in those areas!  You see, the company wants you to succeed, but you’ve got to do what it takes to do so.  Improving and developing is up to the individual.


Network Marketing is an opportunity for everyone. Not everyone gets involved, simply because not everyone is into it, just like not everyone wants to be a doctor, or a scientist, or an engineer, or a painter, or an artist or a mechanic etc.  Network Marketing is an opportunity for financial improvement as well as many aspects of your life. Being more positive and optimistic, becoming more social, more active and of course personal development!  If you are open to the above changing ideas we can help you out! If you need to change some aspects in your life, we can provide you the opportunity to do so.  An opportunity does not mean we will do it for you.  You’ve got to do what it takes!


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