Network Marketing Story: The Albanian Immigrant Pizza Delivery Driver

True Inspiration Story for everybody

An Albanian heard about the “American Dream”, not the “Albanian Dream,” not the “Greek Dream,” not the “European Dream…”  He had to follow his dream for a better life and went to America looking for the “American Dream.”  He soon realized that Americans work for 40 hours per week for 40 years of their life towards a better retirement life.  He realized that pizza delivery could not be what he was looking for and started looking for an opportunity!  That’s right, an opportunity for something better!  No guaranteed paycheck, but instead an opportunity!  America is after all the land of opportunity, not guarantees, right?

Watch the video to learn about the amazing story of this immigrant from Albania.  It can truly inspire you too!  Network Marketing created a new life not only for himself but for his whole family!  Money is no more an issue!


His brilliant quote:Andi_Dubli

“If it can happen for an immigrant, who started broke, with no English, no network, no skills, nothing;  if it can happen for me, it can happen for every single person in this room.”





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