Join Multiple Network Marketing Opportunities Concurrently?

Join Multiple Network Marketing Opportunities Concurrently?

Would you join multiple Network Marketing Opportunities concurrently? Any day another networker might approach you for an opportunity. How would you react?

Here’s a short Periscope video clip I did about Joining Multiple Network Marketing Opportunities Concurrently:

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Some thoughts in Joining Multiple Network Marketing Opportunities Concurrently

Personally, I wouldn’t join multiple Network Marketing Opportunities at the same time. Being happy where I am at, I am devoted and simply not recruitable. Period.

But doing multiple businesses at the same time, that’s another story. For example, most networkers start part time because they have a full time job or another business. Since there’s no contradiction or conflicts between the two, that’s just fine. But having to promote more than one MLM company at the same time, I feel this is at least weird, not to say inefficient. You would lose focus and quite frankly you wouldn’t come across as a solid dedicated professional.

I look at it like marriage, I just don’t look for another woman. I am devoted to my wife and family, the same way as I am devoted to my company and team members. In other words, loyalty.

If for some reasons I had to move to something else, I would stop from what I am currently doing and then move over to the other side. That’s the way I feel about it.

These of course are my thoughts on the subject and I say a few more things in the video above. Feel free to comment below and/or share this post if you find value in it. Would love to hear what you are saying…

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