What To Look For BEFORE You Join MLM Business

What to look for BEFORE you join MLM business

Is it the product/service? Is it the opportunity? Is it leadership? Is it training? Is it local or global? What to look for BEFORE you join MLM business?

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Let’s look into this in more detail, shall we? What to look for then BEFORE you join MLM business? Would i be looking to join MLM business on my own, i would be looking for the following. Have in mind now, this post is meant primarily for those looking to join an MLM on their own. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily applicable for those unaware of the whole MLM concept while being invited on one-on-one meetings etc. In this case it’s more likely emotions kick in rather than reason, especially in the presenter and inviter are good at what they are doing.

But in case you are looking on your own to join an opportunity, you would need to be looking at these six areas:

What drives you as far as products/services are concerned

Notice i said what drives you. You should figure out what drive you! What product or service would be natural for you to promote anyway! What product or service are you passionate about by nature! This is very important because promoting something you are passionate about by nature, it will be much more effective! You will be more persuasive by nature without even trying!


Find a company that offers the product/service you are passionate about

Since you locked on the product/service you love, then it’s time to start digging for a company which offers that. A quick search online nowadays can reveal you many alternatives. You might even know of people that are involved in companies with what you would love to promote… Generally speaking though, for sure you can find options online.


Is the company legit? What’s it’s track record and the owners background? Are there any proofs of their well being?

You must do your due diligence here. Invest some time in researching the “under investigation company” you consider joining. Look around for social proofs and documentation proofing their stability and track record. Are there proofs of the company’s success record? Are there proofs of their products/services quality and awards? You need a company with solid success both as a business opportunity as well as products/services international recognition! A great independent site to help you out for Direct Sales companies can be the:


They have articles and announcements about the Direct Sales profession on a global scale! Also their yearly Top100 list can be a great resource for you to start looking for the Top 100 Direct Sales companies worldwide!

Another resource can be the www.INC.com and especially their Inc5000 index! They have a list of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

You must also look for and find proof of their products/services quality and recognitions. I will not get specific here because everything is possible. Basically you need to find evidence of the well being of what their product/services is all about.


Find good leaders/team to work with

This can be a tricky one. But since you’ve found your product/service that drives you and then the company with all the proof you want, it’s about time to start looking of who will sponsor you. Being in a good team with good leadership can be very helpful, but depending on who you are this can be totally irrelevant. If you are an experienced networker, if you are the leader that will make things happen no matter what, you wouldn’t mind much about this. If you are not, then definitely having a good sponse that helps and supports you will surely help you out, as well as the team you will be growing!


Training & Support System

All great companies have exceptional training & support system in place. If this is not an integral part of the company you are interested in joining, then i seriously doubt their success and sustainability. The training system is crucial to the survival and expansion of any company’s representatives. I think this is self explanatory and does not need much more detail. In other words, if there’s not a great training & support system in place from the company, simply put …look for another company.


Are you willing to WORK?

You might find this tricky, but it’s very important. No great company or great leader will do the work for you. If you are not ready to step up and make things happen, nobody will do the work for you. Having a great company behind you, having great products/services behind you, having great sponsor behind you, having great training behind you, will not help you if you don’t do what needs to be done. You’ve got to lift your weight towards your success. If you don’t, nobody will do it for you.


Some last thoughts

False expectations being mentioned by unaware representatives is giving the profession a bad name. Make sure you know where you are getting into and that you must be prepared to learn and take action. Do not think that Network Marketing is an easy get rich quick option, because it is not. Yes, some people seem to go faster than others, but not everyone is the same. Not everyone has the same background or needs or character. Network marketing can be a better way for those willing to learn and apply and stay persistent and consistent. These are necessary for your success!

And i will leave you with Eric Worre‘s quote: “Network Marketing isn’t perfect, it’s just better.”

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