Interview by Erik Christian Johnson: Niko Papadopoulo on Attraction Marketing, Blogging, and MLM Tips

Interview by Erik Christian Johnson: Niko Papadopoulo on Attraction Marketing, Blogging, and MLM Tips

Have you ever been interviewed? I haven’t, until today!!! A very successful internet marketer and fellow network marketing professional reached out to me two days ago asking if i would be open for an interview. I was interested of course and below you will see the interview! His name is Erik Christian Johnson and he is very successful in everything he is doing! Feel free to check the interview out as well as his website and all social media accounts! The interview is about Attraction Marketing, Blogging, and MLM Tips.

A short introduction about my Interview with Erik on on Attraction Marketing, Blogging, and MLM Tips


The complete interview by Erik is found on his site right here!


Gratitude to Erik Christian Johnson

I don’t want to take much of your time, but I need to express my gratitude to Erik for taking the time to reaching out to me asking for this interview! I am very humbled and honored and grateful about this! Honestly!

This was the first interview i had and I am super excited for having it. I take it as a sign of being noticed out there on the amazing internet land and does give me more positive energy to push through all my upcoming obstacles!

To all my followers and readers of this blog, PLEASE do not quit on your dreams. Do not stop doing whatever it takes to keep learning and moving forward! You shall be noticed too and people like Erik and more, will be willing to take you up for an interview. Make things happen, for YOU!!!

Thank you Erik, once more!


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