How To Use Twitter To Generate Leads On Autopilot

How To Use Twitter To Generate Leads On Autopilot

Would you like to know the basics on How To Use Twitter To Generate Leads On Autopilot? If you do then you need to take a good look at this blog post and video below! It can really change some of your perspectives on how you are working online for your businesses.


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First things first; Twitter Basics

Please refer to my previous blog post named Using Twitter To Generate Free Leads, to properly configure your Twitter profiles. As mentioned in my video, proper configuration is essential for someone to look further into your profile. It’s crucial if you want them to reach out to you on their own (automatically generate leads).

To get some ideas about properly configuring your twitter profile, feel free to check mine at @InspiredNikos and @WorkWithNiko.

The stats mentioned in my video here are taken from the excellent brandwatch blog and can be found right here.


More advanced staff: How To Use Twitter To Generate Leads On Autopilot

After having configured your profiles properly then you need to start pumping in the right content on your Twitter profiles consistently as often as possible. Notice i said pumping because it’s gonna be indeed like actually pumping in content all the time, just like a water pump is doing, pumping in water when operated.

You can do that manually at fixed times per hour, per day etc, or you can invest on awesome programs to do that automatic pumping for you! I personally use HootSuite and StatusBrew.

I had some training’s on HootSuite on previous blog posts and you can easily find them on my Social Media page.

A word of advice, please remember to follow the 80% value – 20% pitch ratio. Put more valuable content versus pitching content. I talk in more detail on this on my video.

So, now that you have your content pumping tweets all the time for you, you can start bringing in your new audience every day. You have to follow and unfollow about 200 new people every day. Make sure you find people based on your target audience needs, which that’s something you need to figure out on your own. For example, i wouldn’t follow people that are allergic to nuts, if my main products are nut’s based, right? 😉

Important Note:

If you are into network marketing, i strongly advise you follow people from Top networkers, or people from other network marketing companies etc.

Always make room for more people and try to keep an even number between your followers/unfollowers. No huge gaps between these numbers.

Once your audience get’s above a few thousand people, then you can Tweet more often as well as increase the number of followers/unfollowers you can work with every day!

Always check the official Twitter rules for guidance on what’s allowed and what’s not.

On the follow/unfollow process, you can save lots of time if you use StatusBrew.

As your followers build up and you are consistent with your marketing (tweets and follow/unfollow process) you will start to generate your own fresh qualified online leads through Twitter! It does take time to build it up, but once it’s up and running, you can fine tune it and generate many leads daily on autopilot!


Super Advanced Training on How To Use Twitter To Generate Leads On Autopilot (For Serious Business Builders ONLY)

How To Use Twitter To Generate Leads On AutopilotTo really dive into the most advanced and effective Twitter course i talked about in the video from my mentor Marc M. Lalonde you need to go right here or click the next image. Like i mentioned in the video, the course will not be officially fully released until March 2017, even though Marc informed us that he will be adding modules within a couple of weeks from now.


You can get the presale discounted price which is 80% of the actual course price, if you get it before he closes the presale period. If you want to invest in the Twitter Lead Machine training course, reach out to me asking for my code. You cannot get the course otherwise. A great asset to this training course will be that it will be automatically updated as Twitter updates or new things come to Marc’s attention! So this is the first course and only course you need to invest to forever!

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