How To Use Crowdfire Chrome Extension To Boost Your Social Media Strategy

How To Use Crowdfire Chrome Extension To Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Crowdfire Chrome Extension is a great free tool you can use to really boost your Social Media strategy! Some features are post organization and scheduling.

Crowdfire Chrome Extension with your SmartPhone

Having Crowdfire Extension for Google Chrome on your desktop in relation with your smartphone device’s CrowdFire app can really save you lots of time because you can easily and quickly schedule posts! Those posts will be fed into your smartphone and with as low as just three tabs, you can post what you’ve scheduled! Pretty awesome, isn’t it? (With more tabs you can share to more social media accounts 🙂 )

Get the Crowdfire Chrome Extension by clicking here.

CrowdFire ExtensionWhen you Get the Extension this icon should be shown on your Chrome Top Right Corner:

If you haven’t already used Crowdfire App for your desktop, get it here.




Now just watch the below short training video to get the idea on how to properly use CrowdFire Extension with Google Chrome and benefit from the huge time saver it can offer!!!

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