How To Schedule Recurring Tweets In Statusbrew

How To Schedule Recurring Tweets In Statusbrew

If you are into Twitter at all or if you are looking to get into it, you definitely need to check How To Schedule Recurring Tweets In Statusbrew! One of the Twitter benefits is the flexibility you can have in automating your tweets! There are a few programs that can help you on automation, but personally i prefer to use Statusbrew for much of my automation!

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The details on using the Schedules and Post Recycler in Statusbrew are in the video. Here are just some notes to assist you a bit more:

  • Start with the Schedules first: Plan out your days/hours/minutes that you want your tweets to go out.
  • It might be good to use different schedules for each subject or group of tweets.
  • I use different schedules for my blog post tweets, different for my inspiration tweets and so on.
  • When done with your schedule(s) start creating your Post Recycler(s).
  • Create a different Recycler for each group of tweets and link it together with the respective schedule & account (if you have multiple accounts).
  • Keep adding content (if you can) on your Recyclers so that your library will expand and don’t recycle all the time the same content…
  • I add new blog posts every week and new inspiration images every week…
  • After it’s all done you can test your Recyclers through Failed posts section and act accordingly…

I suggest writing your schedules on a piece of paper first, plan it out, look at it and if it’s ready and looks good, just transfer it over to your Statusbrew. It’s good to follow the 80%-20% rule of value-pitch ratio. Meaning, have 80% valuable content (blog post, inspiration, etc) and only about 20% pitching your business or products/services or asking for them to opt in to your website.

Hopefully this will help you on How To Schedule Recurring Tweets In Statusbrew! If you need any help, just reach out to me on Facebook at

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