How To Not Generate Leads Online And Spammy Posts

How To Not Generate Leads Online And Spammy Posts

Did you ever wonder why you do not generate leads online? Did you actually consider the fact that maybe, just maybe, your posts could actually be spammy?

The Spammy Posts

How To Not Generate Leads Online And Spammy PostsI had my first Facebook Live broadcast today about this subject. It was not very long, just about 10 minutes where I discussed these crucial subjects. You see, I’ve been doing that exact spammy posting routine for years, UNFORTUNATELY. I’ve been doing all crazy things like, posting “Join me…” or “This is it…” or “Make money with…” or …well, you know what i am talking about.

If you ever joined a spammy Facebook group, for sure you have noticed that most people just post their links and ask for you to join their opportunity. And what most people do? Simply scroll down to see something interesting… or simply just post their respective links around.

Actually, I was even worst than that. I was even sending my link directly with a message before even knowing the person… Was i crazy spamming or what? Fortunately, I did not get into Facebook Jail for that. I guess nobody reported me… got just lucky on this one for sure.

By the way, if you want a really good free video training on how to avoid Facebook Jail, just click here.

I also did a blog post about this subject, right here.

The Non Spammy Posts (Provide Value)

How To Not Generate Leads Online And Spammy PostsFortunately, I’ve been exposed to the right way of online marketing which was totally different from what i was doing. Even better, it all made sense to me and started learning the skills needed in order to properly market myself online. Just like offline marketing, online marketing requires specific skills in which if you don’t have them, …you will be chasing your tail, wasting time and money, and ending up nowhere… But, as one of my early mentors in this industry always used to say: “You don’t know, what you don’t know.” Now, I do know!!!

You can begin to understand what I am talking about if you just click here, watch my short introductory video, enter your information and get ready to be blown away by the series of a few short explanatory videos directly after that! I am telling you, your business and life will never be the same after you have watched ALL those videos!

Here’s the video recording of How To Not Generate Leads Online And Spammy Posts:


To view the Facebook post about How To Not Generate Leads Online And Spammy Posts, just click/tab here.

Hope you did get value out of this and what I said did make sense to you too. If yes, please share so that we can help more people on these crucial subjects. If you consider that at least 90% (if not 95%) of all networkers struggle with their businesses, for sure this will help them just a bit…

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