Hootsuite Bulk Composer Problem

Hootsuite Bulk Composer “Problem”

Did you also experience the problem of NOT uploading all your 350 Twitter messages via your HootSuite Bulk Composer? I’ve been having the same problem lately and thanks to HootSuite help and support I was able to understand my problem. Now is all clear, so I am sharing with you what’s going on and help you save much time!

Periscope video about the HootSuite Bulk Composer “Problem”

Example images about the HootSuite Bulk Composer “Problem”

HootSuite Bulk Composer Problem

Blank Tweet, 140 characters remaining


HootSuite Bulk Composer Problem

135 characters remaining due to the “test:” word


HootSuite Bulk Composer Problem

Tweet not allowed due to the length of -155 characters


HootSuite Bulk Composer Problem

Tweet is now allowed because it has been converted as a url.


HootSuite Bulk Composer Problem

117 characters remaining because the url takes up only 23 characters.


HootSuite Bulk Composer Problem

My 21-character-long bitly link, takes 23 characters in the tweet


A Short Summary Of The HootSuite Bulk Upload Solution

So, remember that links in tweets take up 23 characters irrespective of their actual character length.

If you will include images, they take up 24 characters.


The HootSuite support team helped me very much on this!!

Here are the support ticket numbers for your reference: #556222 and #556059.


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