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Good Copy, Bad Copy

Good copy or bad copy? What do you think? Is it good to copy people or is it bad to do so? Would it be good to copy from people or not? Today I got inspired by talking to my almost-6-year-old-son about copying! You see, he is attending kindergarten school and they are learning how to write the letters. He was actually learning to write the letter ‘E’.

Copy Process

CopyWe sat down and I showed him how the proper process of writing the letter ‘E’ is, according of course to the school’s manual! Exciting, right? I told him you will learn how to copy and write this letter based on the process shown. If you practice it enough times, you will just learn it. Simple, right?

My son asked me though, “is it good to copy things?”. At that moment that question just hit me. You see, we’ve been programmed in school NOT to copy but instead to learn/memorize information in order to get good grades. But in life, and actually in schools, we have to copy things in order to learn/memorize them. We copy letters enough times so that we learn them. The same with words in order to learn them. We copy sentences enough times in order to learn them. We copy math formulas enough times so that we learn them. Shall i say more about it?

My almost-2-year-old-son is copying my moves on the tablet and messes everything up. He listens to our talks and tries to imitate the sounds in order to talk…

In adult life, at work places, we are taught how to do things, we practice them, lock them down and do them on our own.

Copy and Success

Isn’t success a copy thing? Anthony Robbins said it best:

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” – Tony Robbins

So, i turned back to my “elder” son and told him: “well, to learn how to do something you first have to copy and practice it enough times until you fully learn how to do it. So in that respect, copying is good.”

Check my thoughts below:

Copying is not necessary only for kids to learn how to write etc. It’s equally important for day to day jobs, but more importantly it’s imperative to one’s success! What if having BIG success could only require copying and practicing what you have copied enough times?

Well, that’s it exactly for Network Marketing. The proven system of the company you wish to be involved with should be copied and practiced enough times until you get the results you want! I am not saying it’s easy here. All I am saying is that the road has been paved and you just have to follow the given steps towards your goals! The path is ready for those wishing to move along!

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