Do you want to get paid more?

Do you want to get paid more?

Did you know that you can actually get paid more from the people that say NO to your business opportunity? There are actually a few ways you can do just that, but first, watch the video…

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So how can you actually get paid more online from those that refuse to join your opportunity?

The short version of the answer is to offer help for their problems. To offer assistance in building their business that they want to be part of, instead of having to leave in order to join yours.  If they are happy where they are at, why would they join your business? But if you can help them with their struggles, wouldn’t it make sense to be at least curious to find out how you could help them, and if indeed you could?

Through my online attraction marketing training system, I am able to get paid more money because some of the rejections i get regarding my main business opportunity, i convert them to sales via helping them build their business online!

Through my system, we have four main commission types we can get paid more online! Those are:

1. Depending on the membership level, could be up to $100 front end commissions ($100 per month per person).
2. Up to $1,500 front end upsells (when they come in, they can see up front products to get, once off).
3. +20 Stand alone ready made products that pay out almost 100% commissions from $5-$477.
4. Built in Storefront Pays You 30-45% Commissions depending on rank.


I don’t know what you feel about the above, but in my mind these are pretty solid reasons to be involved in a system that teaches you how to use the internet to your benefit and at the same time gives you the option to get paid more from those that reject your opportunity! Awesome, isn’t it?

But if you have nothing else to offer to someone, you remain with the NO and just have to move to the next person. If you can offer help to their business, you will not only get paid more money, you will actually build more relationships like that in the process! Those relationships could for sure bring more business later on!

If you are intrigued by all these, reach out to me and i will be very happy to introduce you to my online attraction marketing training system. Or just follow this link to find out for yourself and then we can talk! In any rate, i’d be very happy to talk with you!


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