Five Elements To Significantly Improve Your Attraction Marketing Strategies

Five Elements To Significantly Improve Your Attraction Marketing Strategies

Are you struggling with quality online lead generation? Let’s improve your Attraction Marketing Strategies to get more results!

Here Are The Five Elements To Significantly Improve Your Attraction Marketing Strategies

First Element: Trusted Authority

attraction marketingBecome a Trusted Advisor. You need to become the “go-to-person” for your perfect potential customer/lead, that you want to attract to you. For example, if you are targeting people that want to learn how to create leads via Facebook, you need to become an expert on Facebook Lead Generation! Does it make sense? That leads us to the


Second Element: Invest-Learn-Teach

attraction marketingInvest in yourself to learn and then to TEACH it. All credit for this ILT concept goes out to one of my mentors and a HUGE success in Attraction Marketing, Ray Higdon. So, you’ve invested time and/or money to learn something, and then you must teach that to your targeted audience/perfect-client. This way, over time and effort, you will be perceived as the trusted authority! To do that, you get into the


Third Element: Provide Value

attraction marketingAnswer the questions your perfect-client wants to have solutions for. Since you invested and learned you then need to share that value to the market place. Solve their problems and they will be attracted to you for it. How do you do that?



Fourth Element: Regular Content Creation via your Blog

attraction marketingCreate valuable content regularly. Content to solve the problems your perfect customer has. Blog posts via your own website is the best way. Social media helps to connect with people but your blog is your main business area. You own it and nobody can take it away from you. Which leads to the:


Fifth Element: Set it and Forget it

attraction marketingSince you post your blogs on your own website, it’s there FOREVER. It’s the ultimate leverage system! Your social media posts gets forgotten after a few days, but your blogs will work for you 24/7! Get the idea?



General Comments about Attraction Marketing

Please take this note very seriously, Attraction Marketing does not mean that you should not prospect any longer and wait for the fruition of your value created content. That does not come overnight. That will be a compound effect over a period of time which you have to put the effort and time and be persistent for it. So, keep up the daily routine of your typical prospecting works and do the Attraction Marketing related activities as well.

Here’s a short video about the Five Elements To Significantly Improve Your Attraction Marketing Results:

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