Essential points from The Power Of The Subconscious Mind Book

Essential points from The Power Of The Subconscious Mind Book

Did you read the book from Dr Joseph Murphy “The Power Of The Subconscious Mind”? If not, i highly recommend it!!! What are your Essential points from The power of the subconscious mind book?

I include in this short video that i had on Facebook Live today some very basic essential points i got out of the book. Please note, these are just my thoughts based on my experience and understand of reading and studying and practicing through this book for more than a month now.

I am daily trying to apply the teachings of the book, which is now not only one of my favorite books, but has also altered the route of my life! For the better of course!

Here is my Facebook Live Video about the Essential Points From The power Of The Subconscious Mind book


Here are my essential points:

Essential point 1:

The law of the mind is the law of faith. This means we have to believe in the way the mind works, and believe in faith itself. Our faith is our thoughts, that and nothing less or more; as simple as that can be.


Essential point 2:

Thought is the initiating action. The reaction is the response of our subconscious mind which represents/responses to the nature of our thoughts. We should feed our mind with thoughts of harmony, health, peace and good will, and miracles shall occur in our life.


Essential point 3:

For every thought there is a cause and for every cause there comes the result.


Essential point 4:

Never finish a negative statement or thought? Always try to instantly reverse it into a positive statement/thought.


Essential point 5:

Ideas/thoughts are being transferred to the subconscious mind with repetition, faith and expectancy.


The above (according to me) are the very basics, the foundations, without even getting into the details of the book. These were taken from the beginning of the book, which are guides for understanding and applying (if you want) the teachings of this book!

Watch the video above for more analysis of those 5 points.

I also mention something really good which helped me a lot about making the book teachings even more accessible to me. Make sure you watch all the way to the end, because that’s where i talk about this tip!

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