Do You Want Automatic Leads

Do You Want Automatic Leads?

It’s good to have leads, but Do You Want Automatic Leads? There is a big difference between leads you’ve created through active online prospecting and leads that were generated automatically because of the marketing strategies you have been doing! So, Do You Want Automatic Leads? 😉

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Automatic Leads versus Prospecting Leads

Prospecting leads are generated when you reach out to people and eventually you convert them to a lead. These are essential, especially at your beginning stages. But if you have to prospect all the time in order to generate leads online, then it’s more like a job instead of a business. If that’s what you want, …that’s fine.

Automatic leads are generated when people reach out to you. When people have entered their information to one of your websites/capture-pages requesting something from you. Or when they reach out to you on social media asking for help etc.

Which type would you prefer to have? People reaching out to you? Or you reaching out to people?

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Do You Want Automatic Leads


Below Are Four Tips To Assist You Start Generating Automatic Leads

1st Tip: Create content of value. 

This content should consist of inspirational quotes/images, success stories, product/services benefits or proofs (without calling up the company names), and of course problem solving quality content. The latter one should answer questions to problems of your target audience.

2nd Tip: Post consistently many times during the day, on various platforms.

People hang out online on various platforms during different times. You want to approach as many people as you can as often as you can, or as often as it’s “permitted”. You do not want to over do it, but you want to be exposing yourself regularly on as many “places” as you can. The more the better!

3rd Tip: Apply the 80%-20% rule.

Post 80% value and 20% pitch. Do not over pitch all the time because you will have the opposite effect. People will be repelled from you instead of being attracted to you. If you post more valuable content, people will want more from you and will not be immune to your pitch. Actually, if they apply your free value and discover that what you told them works, then they will want to get products from you, services from you, or even join you! Does it make sense?

4th Tip: Become the leader others will follow.

You can do that by investing in yourself. You can read personal development books (you can see some of my recommendations here), you can attend your company’s events, you can talk with top producers of your company, you can invest in courses, you can invest in training systems. Basically, you have to become better and better every day, and share the value you learn online. The more you share, the more you will be perceived as an authority in your niche and more people will be attracted to you! You will be building trust with your audience and people will start reaching out to you for help, guidance and advice!


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