Do You Like It When You Are Being Prospected

Do You Like It When You Are Being Prospected

If you have a presence online in the network marketing, internet marketing, online marketing or affiliate marketing space, I am sure you must have been prospected by someone else with the purpose of recruiting you or selling your their products and/or services. Do You Like It When You Are Being Prospected? Personally, I do like it, but let’s see the reasons behind it…


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Why would being prospected online be a good thing?

Well, there are a few sides as to why I like being prospected online. First, this means the Law of Attraction kicks in and people are being attracted to me one way or another. And of course I am very grateful for this!

Spammy people

If the people that try to recruit me are doing it completely wrong, for example they spam me with their links without even saying hello, that’s obvious to me they need my help. You see, I’ve been doing that for years and i know it does not work at all…

Now that i know what’s wright and what’s wrong, now that i know what’s proper and what’s not, I can actually offer my help. How do i do that? I simply say something within the following lines after i see their spammy message:

Niko: Based on what you wrote, it's obvious to me that you do not know how to properly and effectively promote yourself and/or your business online. I offer you the following three options:

  • A- I could simply ignore this message and let you keep doing what you are doing, most likely without any results. I know, because i used to do that for years without any results. If I am wrong, then keep doing it and it's all good with me!
  • B- I could report you on Facebook (whatever social media used) as being a spammer, and maybe even being locked down in Facebook jail, especially if many people report you as such. (Do not worry, I will not do this one).
  • C- I could offer you some advice and guidance so that not only you would not be spamming people any more, but also learn on how to recruit people online properly and effectively and even have fun doing it and making a ton of friends on the way!!!

Which option would you like me to take for you? A, B or C?

To learn how to avoid Facebook jail, click/tab right here for my relevant post and training!!!

Now, depending on their response I act accordingly. But in most cases, they would select option C 🙂 Therefore, I have a potential new friend and most likely a new hot lead!


Professional People

If the person trying to prospect me online is a professional, then this is even more exciting because we communicate on different levels! Again I am very grateful for being attracted to that person! This means my online strategies take place and I am being noticed by professionals! Which is awesome!

A professional will act with respect and reach out to me in a non offensive way. Trying to make friends first and take it from there, should there be any grounds of business cooperation or even sales.

Since we both are professionals and respect each other, we would not offend each other and just state what’s going on for each one. So, open up and treat each other with integrity and honesty. And this pays big time!

Why? Because new solid friendships will be created. If a professional is open for the other professional’s products/services, it’s most likely to endure.

Why? Simply because honesty and trust will be built. It might not be a closed sale from the first day, but it can happen for sure! Which is awesome for both parties!


How do you feel about my reasonings regarding Do You Like It When You Are Being Prospected? I like being prospected! Have you thought of it this way? What are your thoughts on the matter?


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