Do You Have Patience In Business

Do You Have Patience In Business

Patience is a virtue! Ever heard of that phrase before? Do you have patience in business? How about with your children? Patience is indeed a virtue and if you lack it you are missing out big time!

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My Inspiration About Do You Have Patience in business

Today I was inspired by studying with my big son! He’s a first grader and we are sitting together everyday after lunch for his school work!

Note: I feel blessed to be able to invest my time (not spent) with him on his school work! This is one huge benefit of working from home!!!!

My son though, he’s not the fastest learner. I had that too and actually I feel I still have it 😉

So working with him, or better, assisting him with his school homework can be challenging at times. I would not consider myself as a very patient man, but i am working on it. Especially now with having to assist him with his school work.

Why today? Because today was one of those days that we did not seem to progress at all. And it suddenly hit me. I practice patience on my businesses but i feel i do not as much as i should with my boys. The moment i felt that, i made a conscious decision to be more patient with my son!

Note: Thank you, my subconscious mind for hitting me with that thought! And if you don’t understand this, you should read my post about the Essential points from The Power Of The Subconscious Mind Book.

Anyway, i then shifted my mindset to becoming a more patient-father-willing-to-help-more versus a more strict father…

Do you have patience in business?

Let’s all agree on the fact that each person is unique and takes decisions based on their emotions and reasonings about each question or opportunity comes in front of them. Most people do not say ‘YES’ to an opportunity from the first time they see it. Yes, there are some that do jump right on from their first exposure, but if you study some numbers you could see averages ranging for more than seven exposures. This means we, as professionals, if we can’t close the deal from the initial exposure, we have to give suitable time to our prospect so that they decide what they want to do on their own.

I know some leaders don’t follow this rule and they prefer to hustle along on the next prospect. Notice i did not say to bash the person and move forward. What i am saying is be polite and gentle and let the prospect decide on their own, but of course move forward without waiting for them. They will come around when their timing is right. They might need more information (depending on their personality), they might need more time anyway or whatever other reason they might have.

If we treat that with respect and do not bash or send them away, they could come around to us whenever they are ready! After all, we are in the people’s business. Our motto as network marketers is to help and support one another and build a dynasty and so on. Do we have selective decisions on who to help?

Yes, time is precious and we should allocate our time wisely. Well, if you bash that person that did not say a ‘YES’ from the beginning, you are not only hurting yourself, you are hurting your company and the profession in general. The impression you give to that person would be that you are only looking for the ‘YES’ and do not care for anyone else. I’ve heard an expression in my early stages through the teachings of my network marketing company which I feel applies to most people.

That expression goes like: “A ‘NO’ does not mean ‘NO’, but it means ‘NOT NOW'”.

I am proud to say I have people coming back to me over periods of time because I treated them with respect and gave them the time they needed to come around. Indeed, having patience with people is a virtue. And my dear friend, if you do not work on that for yourself, you are missing out.


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