Do You Have DMO

Do You Have DMO?

Do you have DMO? Do you have Daily Methods of Operations? Do you have daily tasks to guide/coach/train you towards achieving your goals?

Those goals might be for business success, personal achievements, etc. You know what you want, right? Your DMO will guide you towards what you want.

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My Internet Marketing Strategies DMO list:

So, do you have DMO? Here are my personal DMO as far as internet marketing strategies are concerned:

  1. Twitter unfollow/follow
  2. Reach out to new people on Facebook
  3. Reach out to new people on LinkedIn
  4. Engage with people on Twitter
  5. Engage with people on Facebook
  6. Engage with people on LinkedIn
  7. Check out emails and respond
  8. Do a Facebook Live Video Broadcast, like the one above 😉
  9. Promote the Facebook Live Video Broadcast on Facebook groups and other Social Media
  10. Create a blog post with the Live’s subject and post/promote that to Facebook groups and other Social Media
  11. Post images with inspiration/tips/quotes/etc on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

These are my DMO for my internet marketing strategies. It does not include active prospecting for example, or my exercise routine, eating habits, time with my boys and everything else.

Your DMO will depend on YOUR needs and wants and available hours during the day. If you have any troubles figuring your DMO, reach out to me and we can arrange a meeting to talk about!

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