Are You Actually A Good LISTENER?

Are You Actually A Good LISTENER?

There’s no trick here, are you actually a good listener? Do you really LISTEN to the other person talking? If you don’t get this, you’ve got NO SHOT.

We, yes me included, are all wired up in a way that we always want to speak about us. The moment the other person ends his sentence, we want to jump right up and talk to them about us. We don’t really listen. And by not listening, how can we possibly understand their problems/pains/issues/etc and be able to offer a solution to them?


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So, PLEASE, reevaluate yourself and think before you speak. Ask yourself if indeed you heard what the other person was talking about. Listen about their pain and figure out how to help them based on their needs. It’s all about them and not about me. If you don’t listen properly and understand and prove to your audience that you actually heard them, you’ve got no shot in getting them to like you, trust you, and hopefully buy from you. That’s why this is crucial.

I had to share this tip with you today, because I was very kindly complimented by a prospect of mine last night about it while we were chatting on Facebook. My prospect told me that everyone always tried to sell him something directly without even asking if he was interested. SO BAD. And because I tried to understand, and proved to him that i was caring for his needs, he signed up. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR PROSPECT.


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