Do Not Sell Like This If You Want To Get Banned On Facebook

Do Not Sell Like This If You Want To Get Banned On Facebook

Get Banned on Facebook can really hurt your business, especially if you only market through that? Well, do not sell like this…

As with everything in life, there are wrong ways and right ways on how to do marketing and selling on Facebook. It is extremely important to first understand the type of users that are on Facebook. They like to click on likes, some shares and comments and things like that. Which is exactly what Facebook wants, in order for those users to be happy and stay longer in their platform!

So, here’s the way you can implement right now and benefit in selling on Facebook without getting banned:

A Simple Way To Sell And Not Get Banned On Facebook

How to sell on FacebookAs i said above people want to have a good social experience on Facebook and click on likes, shares and some comments. Having that in mind, you need to create and post valuable content that people will naturally like, share and comment on. Through that valuable post you can direct people to what you offer. Isn’t this obvious?

An example would be this blog post. I create my content, share it and if you did get value from it, just reach out to me to help you for more. If you did not like this post you will simply ignore it. You may even register for this FREE webinar for this Wednesday at 9PM EST which is on How to Get More Leads & Make More Money in Your Business!

But, If i just posted on Facebook something like: “buy my products!!! that can help you on…” or “get my services that will…” you will most likely just ignore those right? Don’t you feel that being spammy? I know I do!
If people love your posts they will keep following you, liking your content and connecting with you! In other words, If they like you and trust you, they will buy from you! By just posting “buy this” all the time, you will have zero results. But if you share your content out with your solutions in an indirect way, people will begin to see you differently! They will begin to like and trust you more and eventually when you offer something that they truly want they will get it.

For example:

I offer a FREE video training on Facebook from this brilliant Facebook marketer that shows you exactly, step-by-step (and I mean step-by step) how to suck in leads like a Dyson Vacuum cleaner. You can watch the FREE VIDEO right here! Another valuable content here, other than on how to do it, is this FREE Webinar I talked about above!

You can also create a short video with your valuable content and direct people to a relevant call to action. Maybe email you, call you, skype you etc. Anything that will be asking them to engage with you! And that’s it to it.

Last notes on how to sell on Facebook

how to sell on facebookYou do not want everybody and you do not sell directly to anybody. Build relationships with those that are attracted to you based on your content. Really connect with those that are interested about what you can offer to them. Serve them and they will love you for it.

For the rest, well let me put it this way: you just cannot have them all. So just focus on the ones that love you, keep serving and sharing value and the right ones will come to you! It’s all about them.

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So, did you get value from this short training? I hope you did! If you truly did get value and some good tips, please share it around with your friends in all social media so that more people can benefit from this! Let’s impact more people together!

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