Do not get into network marketing

Do not get into network marketing if you are a solo player

Do not get into network marketing… did you ever attempt to prospect a solo-business owner that told you “this is not for me”?  There are some extra benefits for business owners in network marketing and these tips should help you out…

Kinda hard case these people, don’t you agree?  What if we (networkers) can help them benefit in more ways than one?

Business Owners – Solo Players

I don’t know about you but I recently prospected a business owner friend of mine. I do like and respect him a lot, not just as a person but surely as a businessman! He went through some hard times and some good times with his business paths. He had to learn the hard way through his mistakes and he is moving on!

After we talked about him and his businesses, I came to realise that he is a solo player. That he needs (not only wants) to do most things on his own. Now have in mind he is importing products and promotes/sells them here in Cyprus through his shop. So he has to take care of logistics, buying, selling, accounting, contracting, legalities, marketing, etc

This is Not For Me – Solo Players

Even though he does like my company and offered services he told me the phrase: “this is not for me.”  Which I totally understand and respect as an answer. Why though this is not for him? In my mind, he is not much of a team player. He needs to control most of everything and has to do things his way. And I respect that. You see, in Network Marketing you cannot win much if you want to do everything on your own. You’ve got to help people excel and build their business. It’s not about yourself, but rather about your team. And that’s a key for duplication!

A solo business owner is like a doctor, let’s say a surgeon for example. He is both the tool and the expert worker. He’s got to be there to make money and when he is not there, money cannot come in. He is both a business owner as well as the necessary “tool” that performs the money generating activities.

Tip 1 for Business Owners (new contacts)

BusinessPeople that need to do things their way, cannot really adjust, or better yet do not want to adjust to delegating many things to other people. It’s unfortunate though because by getting involved with a large networker’s community you get to meet a lot of new people. You can expand your network almost instantly. You can get together with more people and indirectly (or even directly for that matter) introduce your own business to them. If they know you and like you and trust you, more likely they will try what you offer outside the Network Marketing business, don’t you agree?

Tip 2 for Business Owners (indirect advertising/promoting)

BusinessFor any business owners out there that are not involved with a Network Marketing company, you all pay one way or another for marketing and advertising your products/services, right? I mean you just have to in order to promote what you’ve got. Am sure you all agree that every business needs more people/customers in order to make more money, right? What if you got involved in a Network Marketing company and you went to a local event that held a few hundred people? What if you met just a few of them and exchanged business cards with them?  …just saying!

Tip 3 for Business Owners (international expansion)

BusinessLet’s take it a step further! What if your local business could expand internationally and you happened to meet some networkers in some events from other countries that are open to more business similar with what you are offering? Get the picture? You can expand internationally not only for your Network Marketing business, but for your own businesses as well!

Referring back to my doctor example above, what if you are a doctor and through networking events you got to meet a few more people? Could they become your potential patients/customers? If they like you, …absolutely!


So, to sum up for business owners, by getting involved with the right network marketing company near you, as additional benefits with everybody else you can expand your business contacts, promote your personal business and even expand internationally through those new network-marketing-contacts. I am not saying to join any network marketing company and go to their events simply to promote your business. That does not feel right even when I type it here and am sure you will not come across as likeable if you try it like that. But instead, to be involved with their product, be social, meet people up, be friendly, be authentic, and when the opportunity arrives you can talk about your business with those that express interest in it. Not to push it over, but instead to share it when needed.

I hope this helps not only networkers but also business owners. The above can give business owners a different perspective on things and possibly open them up to the global networking potentials of good international Network Marketing companies. If you like this, please share it on your social media so that more people can benefit from it! I would love to read your comments and your thoughts!