Global Reach

Do NOT Blog If You Do NOT Want Global Reach

Every entrepreneur wants more! More success, more money, more recognition, etc. You cannot have a Global Reach if you think and act small. If you think and act and work only on your local area, it just might be too difficult to reach outside your area/city/country/continent… Do you see where i am going?

Global Reach

Global ReachWe live in an era where the Internet can be used extensively to help us towards Global Reach! Social media today are viral and people hangout by the millions online posting and searching for what interests them on their social media groups and sites. The right open minded entrepreneur can understand this and invest online so that he/she can have a Global Reach!

Your social media is not the best way to have a good online monetized presence. Those are great to socialise and make connections and generate leads where applicable. But social media is not the place to make your business. You can have a Global Reach socialize wise, but not business wise. Why? First of all, you do not own your social media account. All your contacts and information can be closed by the respective social media owner, simply because you violated their rules… How would that feel to you? Social media, as the name says, it’s just for socializing! Make friends and build rapport with your people and at the right time, if they are open, talk to them in private! Check this article out regarding Facebook closing 83 million accounts and make sure you do not fall into those groups.

Global Reach Via Your Blog

The better way though is through your own blog. First of all, YOU OWN YOUR BLOG WEBSITE. It’s yours and nobody can take it away from you. Through it, you can build YOUR mailing list, which in essence are your leads that eventually can result into customers or even business partners depending on your business and if they are open for such ventures.

I started to learn about blogging in 2014 and worked on my marketing and branding through an awesome training program. I had invested time and money on how to do this and of course i am always open to learning more and becoming better. That program is called The Ultimate Branding Blueprint and you can find information about it by clicking right here!!!

Global Reach Via
The 3-Minute Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition

Global ReachWhat is on a whole different level that just came out and it’s a bundle with many extras that will expire this Sunday 15th of November 2015, is called the The 3 Minute Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition and you can find information about it right here.

This has being created by Ray Higdon who has generated millions of dollars through his blog. If you do not know much about him, you can learn about his background and successes through the above link!


Watch each video below because this can seriously bring a Global Reach for YOUR BIZ

VIDEO 1: 7-figure blogger & MLSP ‘Hall of Famer’ Ray Higdon re-caps what is revolutionizing the industry RIGHT NOW.
(VIDEO LENGTH: 6 min 36 sec)

VIDEO 2:7-fig earner & MLSP CEO Brian Fanale explains how SITES is going to help you blog your way to freedom FAST.
(VIDEO LENGTH: 16 min 4 sec)

: MLSP Creative Director & WordPress Genius Jim Fanale designs YOUR PRO blog in 7 min 47 seconds flat (no tech skills required, no graphics dude required).
(VIDEO LENGTH: 14 min 53 sec)


Here’s my short video regarding Global Reach:

NOTE: Do NOT get this if you do NOT want Global Reach.

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