Dad privileges

Dads are hurting too

For those of us blessed to have been rewarded with a kid or more, this blog shall give you some food for thought. For those that expect their first kid to arrive and others that are planning to have some, please read carefully because a typical saying goes like: “Where you are now I was, and where I am now you will come”.

Most parents and especially dads spend way more time away from their kids in relation to their wives. Mothers, at least those that persist enough and I applaud them for this, breastfeed their kids and spend much more time with them! Dads “have to be” at work in order to provide for their families.

When our first son was born I took a week off to be there for them. When the week was gone, back to work which I was leaving the house at around 6am and getting back home somewhere between 6-8pm. I was of course tired but anxious to spend time with my son and my wife. If I was lucky, I would bathe him, feed him and put him to bed…  or he would be in bed already.  After a few weeks I was considering how much time I was losing away from my son because I had to work. There were times I had to work during weekends and that were killing me even more.

So, the birth of my first son triggered my hidden need to find something that could eventually provide me with time freedom! I needed an opportunity to get out of that work restriction and be able to spend much more time with my son!
I was looking and thinking for ways to start my own business. But I did not have the money for something. I also did not want to start my own business that would be competing with my previous employer; I felt it would be unethical.

After a while a friend called me up to check something out. That was my first invitation to Network Marketing via a brilliant idea! Being an engineer I clearly felt I had to analyze it, but I also felt that if that idea was legit and valid, the potentials would be mind-blowing! Just think of it, the travel industry: the largest industry on the planet that is expanding every day, combined with a good direct sales approach/opportunity, and using the internet as a tool!  I immediately said to myself that the guy that created this must be a genius! Of course I enrolled after my due diligence and analyzing everything I could think of. And from there on, the dream of spending more time with my son became more real!

Now, we have two sons, a 4.8 year old and an 8 month old! I quit my job and invest my time with my kids at home and my home based business. I can be with my kids all the time if I choose to. I have the privilege of building their character, of passing on good values and morals to them, of feeding them and yes, changing their diapers as well.   Since my business’s product is in the travel industry, how cool is that? I now have time to travel more!!!


What can your privileges be?

Good network marketing businesses can provide to anyone who is willing to do the work, with lucrative results and most importantly, time freedom! Personally, I wanted to spend more time with my kids. Others are travelling every week both for business and/or pleasure! I lost track of some of my partners on which continent they are since they travel that much, is funny to even think of it!

Dear dads and dads to be! Dear parents that want to spend more time with your kids! Dear everyone that want more time freedom! You can invest in your own home business now and reap the rewards in a few months or stick to your plan and stay as you are. You could even retire in 3-5 years from now! The only way to change something you do not like is by taking action and changing what you are currently doing, or not doing.  If you are happy as you are, that’s fine and you should keep doing it, but please do not complain all the time about the rise of the cost of living etc.  If you are like I was and are looking for something else, just like I was, we can help you! Take it from a dad that was hurting, just like you are.


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