How To Create Online Bond With People

How To Create Online Bond With People

Creating Online Bond with other people is necessary if you want to build your business online. I share here many tips that will assist with doing just that!

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Here are the tips i mentioned in numbered form. For extensive description, please make sure you watch my video above more carefully:

  1. Assume they want to make friends
  2. People are attracted to positive people (no arrogance)
  3. Become a master in small talk
  4. Keep the conversation engaging
  5. Be entertaining and funny
  6. Be warm and be real
  7. Be interested in them as a human being
  8. Let them do some talking
  9. Talk with them, NOT at them. LISTEN
  10. Give the free advice. Give tips …not a 2hr coaching call from the get go.
  11. Use their own name
  12. Complement them, be genuine, be authentic and sincere
  13. Validate them as human being. Congratulate them
  14. Meet them where they are at. Relate to them
  15. Listen to how they speak, match and mirror (not mimic them)
  16. Be truly genuine
  17. Share yourself, share your pains and struggles, build rapport
  18. Listen to them answers and act accordingly
  19. Transition to business talk once they know, like and trust you
  20. Don’s think of the sale all the time
  21. Make friends first

All these tips should show that you care about them and that they matter. If you mistreat them they will know. If you are arrogant, they will know. If you are salesy, they will know. If you are pushing, they will know…

Start using them to create Online Bond with the people you meet!

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