Career Change

Career Change – You Are Not A Tree

Career Change

Does career change scare you? Are you a college student and consider what will follow after your graduation? Are you worried about your future and you are thinking of a career change?  Are you a recent graduate and not happy with your current work or degree and started thinking about a career change?

I know exactly how all that feels because I’ve been in those situations myself a few years ago! Fortunately, I did land on various jobs during the course of my corporate world career and things were pretty good.

But as time passed by, I was putting too many hours and free time for me and my family was becoming very limited.  A career change was in my mind all the time.

Working is great! Do not get me wrong. We should all be working and contributing to our family and society we live in. That’s the way to improve our civilization, via everyone’s contribution. We would not be contributing if we sit on our couch all day doing nothing, right?

But what if our work does not provide us with what we really want or need? As a college student you have the energy to go after your dreams and aspirations! You have that thirst of winning big and changing the world!  As an adult with a few years of experience you might feel entrapped to paying the bills and not be comfortable for a career change.


Is it about time for a Career Change?

Too many times a graduate, if he’s fortunate to find work these days, lands on a job that does not pay much and starts limiting his dreams. Unfortunately, many times the job is not even related to his degree, so he constantly thinks about a career change.

He must work to pay for his living expenses and most likely for his college loan. He builds up more expenses in the future and remains in that rat race with his dreams being shrinking every single day.


Career Change:

Career ChangeSTOP IT.  You can prevent that from happening before it even starts!

You can start your own home based business PART TIME, before graduation even!

How would it feel if you could be earning extra per month?  What would you do with that additional money?

What if it could increase to – per month because your Home Based business picked up well and is expanding all over the world with the power of the Internet and a superb team building support system?

What if that income could become way bigger than that?

What’s your path for success in your life? What makes you happy? Find that, write it down. Watch and feel it every single day! Create a plan for it. And start working on it.

Career ChangeIf your current vehicle cannot get you there as fast as you want to go, look around and find something else. You are not a tree, you can move on.

If you are a college student, your work life did not even really start yet. I already know a few people that have changed their course of life because they have been involved in Home Based businesses.

They already made history in their own countries like Sashin Govender from South Africa and Lorenzo Roybal from USA!  (Funny enough, the later one, is one of the co-founders of the RAT Pack (Retired At Twenties) team!)

All it takes are finding the best opportunity for you to join, having the right attitude, going through the proper training, and of course be determined to do the work.  It’s still work. It’s only different!

Time passes anyway and you will be working anyway. Why not work for something that can take you where you want to go, instead of just barely paying bills every month?

You can take control of your life, if you want to!  You can have a career change at 30, or at any age, only if you want something better.  Your past thoughts, decisions and actions brought you where you are now.  Your future can be determined based on your new thoughts, decisions and actions you make from now on.  You can stay as you are or have a midlife career change.  What will it be?

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