Build Your Own Brand Or Brand Your Company Online

Build Your Own Brand Or Brand Your Company Online

What’s best for you? Build Your Own Brand Online Or Brand Your Company Online? This can be a tough one, but here is my version based on my experience!

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A short disclaimer

I know, I will be bashed by many fellow network marketers about this, and it’s alright. Most likely some of my team members in my network marketing company will not be fond of what I said in the above video or will be writing below. And it’s alright. This is my opinion here and everyone is free to do whatever they want with their business and life. I will state what i feel is right and from there on, it’s everyone’s call about it! Fair enough?

Having said the above, I have to also say that I totally love network marketing as an industry and what it stands for! I started with the “old fashioned” way or better yet with the “standard” way of doing network marketing business. That is, make a list, call people up, setup meetings, do presentations, close, train, promote and the cycles goes on! There’s nothing wrong with that. What so ever. I love that, and still do that for me and my team! I love the one-on-one live interaction with people! Local meetings, hotel meetings etc!

Branding Yourself or Your Company online

There’s one huge difference/issue though from offline to online marketing. And that is, about branding. About branding ourselves or our company online or not. You see, i’ve been taught from my mentors that for the invitation i have to be quick, raise curiosity and be excited! And those make perfect sense to me which is why i have been applying them from day one!

Doing that online though it’s a bit tricky. Why? Because how could you raise curiosity online if you have your company name all over your posts/tweets/blogs/instagrams/etc? The same applies if you have your product name/services all over your social media accounts as images, videos etc. I am sure you would agree with me that the moment you mention your company name, product or service, everyone can very easily “discover” what you represent. Everyone can “google” it and from there on, they simply do not need you. As simple as that. You’ve got no shot in recruiting someone cold market from facebook for example, if you tried to reach out to him and you have your company name all over your wall. They already know why you reach out to them…. Does it make sense to you too?


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Another reason why i feel it’s better for the marketer to brand himself online vs brand his company online, is simply (and God forbid) in the unfortunate event of your company being shut down. Since you would have been directly associated with the closed company, you are instantly out of business. What can you do in this case? You would have to find another company, find as many people of your team (if possible) and bring everyone (or most of them hopefully) with you on the next company.

But, what if you branded yourself online? What if you brought enough value on the market place where people look and want and trust and follow you for who you are and what you can do to them? You are instantly an authority figure, irrespective of companies, products or services!

These are my main concerns about  Branding Yourself or Your Company online. You are clearly free to choose and do whatever you want! If you want me to assist you on Branding Yourself online, simply connect with me on skype at nikpap75 and I will be very happy to do so! You can also reach out to me on any social media, and my connection details are on the right side of this page!

If you have any doubts about what I mention above, simply “research” some of the below top leaders in the industry to figure out if they are branding themselves or their companies online 😉

Matt Morris Eric Worre Ray Higdon Tanya Aliza  Marc M. Lalonde


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