Network Marketing – Either you love it or don’t get it

So, what is this? What is this Network Marketing thing I have been talking about?  That so many people talk about and so many people think they know all about it?  And even more people think is bad, illegal, colt, pyramid and so on and so forth? Well I am not going to get into…

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Unemployment – Did you find work yet?

Are you looking for work? Unfortunately current economic situations have reduced typical work labor to minimum numbers. In many countries unemployment rate has increased to record numbers.  There are just too many people and very few jobs available out there.  Employers know this and can benefit from it by hiring qualified people for less than…

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How to increase your retirement pension

Pensions Are Not Enough Are you retired and your pension is not good enough for you? Are you closed to retirement and based on your calculations you still have to work to make a comfortable living?  Are your parents retired and you must support them financially? Wikipedia states that pension crisis is a predicted difficulty…

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Dad privileges

Dads are hurting too For those of us blessed to have been rewarded with a kid or more, this blog shall give you some food for thought. For those that expect their first kid to arrive and others that are planning to have some, please read carefully because a typical saying goes like: “Where you are…

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Make Money Blogging By Working From Home

Like many fellow Network Marketers whom I have very high respect for them all for so many reasons I am not going to mention in this blog, we all get into a point where we simply feel we just need to go to the next level.  We get into a point where there must be…

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