Are You Spamming People?

Do You Spam People?

Do you Spam People all the time with your links? If you don’t know what spamming is, this post can really help you! It can even save you!

What is spamming though? Simply put, spamming people is sending your unsolicited links to strangers. So, sending your link to someone asking them to join your business or buy your services/products without their permission first, this is spamming. And in my early stages of trying to promote my business online, I am very guilty of doing that. I was also posting on Facebook groups and asking people to join my business, which is also spammy posts. Clearly, without any success whatsoever. None at all.

To learn a bit more about spammy posts, read my previous post about How To Not Generate Leads Online And Spammy Posts.

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As you can see me saying in the video above, spamming people can actually be dangerous. If you do it frequently, some people could report you on Facebook and you could even lose your account.

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So, now that you know what spamming is, what could you be doing instead in order not to be spamming people? Get to know them first. Build the Know, Like and Trust factors first. After that, ask if they would like to be informed about your business or products/services. If they are not interested, why bother anyway?

I have much more information and analyse this much more in the video above. So if you haven’t seen it, i urge you to do so!

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