Approaching People On Social Media

Approaching People On Social Media

Did you not have much success the way you are Approaching People On Social Media? Have you been trying to reach out to new people and did not get much responses back? This post is going to assist you directly on this crucial matter on Approaching People On Social Media, the right way!

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First things first:

You have to “clean up” your profile. Make sure it’s has a positive and/or inspirational mood, and it represents you. If you have on your Facebook wall for example, everything about your business and/or your services/products, it’s the same thing while you are inviting anyone and telling them before hand what you would like to meet them for…

The next thing you should have in mind, is to reach out to people of your target market/audience. Look them up in groups relevant to your requirements.

And Now You Are Approaching People On Social Media

Having said the above, when you want to reach out to new people, make sure you “raise” a few good flags from the beginning. On Facebook specifically, it’s a good practice to combine a Follow or a Friend Request, some likes and/or comments on their photos/posts, and of course your initial message.

That message is crucial if done properly in combination with the other initial reaching out steps.

Your message should:

  1. be unique and directly addressed only to that person,
  2. compliment the person,
  3. tell them where you found out about them (common groups or friends for example)
  4. tell them why you are reaching out
  5. ask permission to connect further if they want to

Clearly, you must have looked through their profile prior to writing your message. Find some common grounds in which you can instantly relate and build rapport.

The purpose of that first message should be just to open a communication path and start building rapport. You want to start building relationships first. When you establish some friendship, then the business will come forth eventually. If you rash to soon into the business part, typically, you’ve got no shot.


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