Great to meet you!!!  I am Niko Papadopoulo

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Do you have everything that you’ve wanted out of life?  Do you have a definite plan on how to get it?  Have you ever wondered if you did something back then, what would your life be now?  If you had taken an opportunity some years ago, what would the outcome be now?  Were you looking for something that could set you free?


If you resonate with the above questions, …those were my concerns as well.  I’ve been driving to work thinking what could I do in order to avoid that everyday.  Did you ever drove to your destination and you don’t remember driving through to get there?  I experienced that many times.


Niko Background

I am an Electronics Engineer and worked in the industry for about 12 years.  I am also a father of two incredible sons!  I came to realize that time was going by and instead of enjoying and investing my time with my son, i was loosing it for my job (we had just one back then).  The pay was good, but my time and budget to start something were limited.  I was looking for something that could provide me with time freedom! Something that could potentially replace my income and add some. I did enjoy what i was doing, but the pain from missing my son from growing up was really killing me.


Fortunately, God listened to my prayers and a friend called me up to check something out.  That was my first time I got introduced to Network Marketing!  And I got hooked up instantly.   It felt as if that was the answer I was looking for.  If what I saw was true, and I had no reason not to believe it since I trusted my friend that invited me, then that idea could be the opportunity that could set me free!  And it was!!!


To cut the long story short, I got in, and started working and learning about this new vehicle that could set me free.  I came to realise that this was surely not an easy thing, but a simple one.  And simple does not mean easy!  I was working my full time job and was also building my business part time.  It did not work very well for me.  I was away from my home more hours and that was killing me even more because I was missing my son from growing up.  Even though I was not earning much at that time, i decided to quit my job in order to start living and building my new life. I resigned from that company with my head up and being straight with the owners, colleagues, and customers. All of them have a dear place in my heart and are always appreciated. A new era had come for Niko and nothing could stop him once his decision was made!


Like any business, it takes time, effort and money to be built. Going against the odds and to most of my friends and family advises, I felt I had to do this, and I am doing it! The company am involved with and the people i associate with are just amazing! Is teamwork in many levels, Online, locally, globally! Network Marketing is an exceptional industry that can provide those that want it with lucrative wealth. I had no idea what it was until i started investigating both from the inside as well as from the outside. Anybody can say anything Online and is up to the reader to judge accordingly.  There is only one way to really know about something, and that is simply by getting involved with it.


Who can benefit from Network Marketing

I am present for those in need of an extra income, for the parents that don’t see their kids enough, for those that want more free time in their lives, for those that don’t find a “regular” job, for those that are inspired to live free!
Many people are negative about the industry, but for those that are open minded enough they should really think of the following: “Success leaves clues!” And in this industry the success stories, as we shall soon see through my page, are unlimited and new ones are being created every day! The lifestyle gained is beyond imagination for most people, but it is real!
Just ask yourself, what do you really want? Do you want more time for your kids? More time for yourself? More income to provide to your loved ones? To live free without having to answer to a boss? Can your current occupation provide you with these outcomes? Do you have everything that you’ve wanted out of your life? If not, then something needs to change or chances are you will be stuck there for ever and retirement will come and will not be enough.  Should you wait until your retirement, what lifestyle will you be having with that income?


We can help those that are inspired to live free! Come and join the freedom movement! Your kids need you! You spouse need you! You need YOU!  Let’s do this together!

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