The NikoWalkShow

Welcome to the NikoWalkShow

I shall be sharing tips and value via the NikoWalkShow! These will be videos while walking (not cleaned up much) so if i mess up at times, let’s have some fun! After all, it’s the #NikoWalkShow!


Final Episodes of the “NikoWalkShow” (Web Series) are numbered below, with the newest Episodes at the top:


21. Episode 21: Four Habits To Develop To Get More Done 🆕

20. Episode 20: You Don’t Need Permission 🆕

19. Episode 19: Your Burning Desire Will Drive You To Succeed

18. Episode 18: Success Is A Roller Coaster

17. Episode 17: Nine Mental Triggers That Make People Buy

16. Episode 16: Four Reasons Why People Don’t Buy

15. Episode 15: How To Get Results Fast In Your Business Through Internet Marketing

14. Episode 14: A Formula To Change Your Marketing And Get Results For Your Business

13. Episode 13: Four Pillars Of Success To Continually Work On And Succeed In Your Life

12. Episode 12: Success For Today

11. Episode 11: Be Like A Rock And You Shall Succeed In Any Business

10. Episode 10: Five Leadership Traits and Qualities

9. Episode 9: There is always the cost of not Investing

8. Episode 8: Three Areas You Need To Start Shifting Your Mindset From

7. Episode 7: Delegate The Work To Save Time and Money

6. Episode 6: The road to succeed is hard

5. Episode 5: Why Walking Is Good For Your Health

4. Episode 4: All Success Stories In Business Start From The Start

3. Episode 3: Your Long Term Stability Strategy

2Episode 2: Tips To Save Time 

1Episode 1: What to do (and not do) when you wake up