4 Steps For Duplication

Ever considered why some people just don’t seem to be able to follow up on your instructions in doing something the right way? If we do not follow what I am about to analyze below, in the correct sequence, chances are we will fail to transfer our knowledge effectively.  This will not be the fault of the person receiving, but it will be our fault.  There are 4 steps to Duplication and those are Tell, Show, Watch, Go:



First, we must tell to the new person what the procedure is. We must be able to tell him the steps needed and be as clear as possible.  If we do not do that, if we do not explain it in a way that our student needs to understand it, we shall miss out.  We must lower our level of expertise and talk to him in the level he can understand.


Second, we must show him how to do it. We should not only show how is done.  First we say it, and then we show it being done by us.  It could be at the same time of course, but showing is critical.  Most people learn by looking what they have to do, and not only by hearing.  We think in pictures and looking at the process increases the success of transferring the knowledge much more effectively!  Think of tightening your shoe laces: did you used to say the words or did you “see” the movement in your head?  How about remembering a name: do you remember the letters or say the letters, or do you “see” their face?  We think and remember in pictures!


Third, we must watch our student performing the task. We must notice possible mistakes or corrections that need to be adjusted.  Correct them, talk about them, show how to do it properly, and then watch again.  This step must be performed enough times until the student is familiar with the process and be able to perform well.


Forth, we have to go. We have to leave our student to do it on his own.  We must give him space in order to perform, build confidence and keep doing it on his own.  We could be checking periodically to make sure all is well, but we must let go.  That’s the only way to really teach something and make sure it will be done properly.


Congratulations, you have duplicated!!!

Success_Ladder_ClimbingBy completing the above 4 steps, especially the last one, we DUPLICATED.  Duplication is a key ability (and TASK) for many businesses and especially for network marketing organizations.  Without good duplication the business is dependent upon the single person doing the business.  Without duplication is one person selling without teaching anything.  With duplication everything can be duplicated and more successful people are being created!  With duplication people can accelerate and move to higher ranks!


This also happens somehow in the corporate world.  A manager typically in order to climb up the ladder of his organization, someone else has to be taught to replace his works and responsibilities.  But because of bad competition many times the “my success is your failure” type of mentality exists.  In the house, we duplicate many processes with our children.  We teach them how to eat so that we do not have to feed them all the time, we teach them how to make up their beds, how to brush their teeth and so on and so forth.  Duplication is everywhere and if not done properly, it will not be done effectively and the person learning will not be able to duplicate further.  Duplication is also in Mother Nature!  Trees duplicate their branches and leaves, right?  Plants do the same and animals duplicate their surviving processes, their hunting routines and so on!

Duplication is everywhere in our life. It is key to success for most businesses and a huge asset for the networker to accelerate his business!  If you want to learn how to better duplicate your efforts in network marketing, we can help you!  Just fill the form below and we will contact you to schedule our first meeting!


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