3 Simple Network Marketing Rules

3 Simple Network Marketing Rules

There are three SIMPLE Network Marketing Rules. Notice I wrote SIMPLE and not easy. If you consistently apply these rules you will succeed!

The 3 Simple Network Marketing Rules are pay attention, get excited and never quit:

Pay Attention

pay attentionPay attention means learning from those that have done what you want to do.  Study them, observe them, draw energy from them, follow them to get as much as you can out of them. Since I am an engineer, I will put it this way:  reverse engineering sounds familiar?  Learn from those that have done it.  Take it apart and put it back together.  Match and model.  Success leaves clues.  You will know who to learn from, based on their success.  Each company has their success stories, their leaders and mentors.  Find out who inspires you the most and learn from their experience!


Get Excited

ysbh_excited_imageI know for some personality types it can be very difficult to show their excitement.  As hard as it can be, at least smile!  It can be very helpful, depending on the company you work with, to experience the product/service being offered.  Now for me, since our product is in the travel industry and vacations is something I always loved and wanted to experience more of, is only natural for me to be VERY excited for my product!   People follow excited people.  If you are to present your opportunity with a bad expression on your face, I would bet you would have no chances for success.  But if you are excited and showed it with your face and body language that you ARE indeed EXITED with what you are promoting, then your chances would increase significantly!

Never Quit

I am sure you heard this a lot, but fact is that people quit every day from anything and everything they start with.  People quit from their marriages, people quit their jobs and people quit from their university degree and so on and so forth.  This does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong with the marriage or with their job or with the university they chose.  I know there are many variables to the equation and each person is unique.  Never quit here means that even though you will get hit and be put down, you should have the strength to stand up and keep moving forward.   That no matter how many rejections you get, you only focus on the ones that follow you.  This is a matter of personal strength.  You can develop this through your peer group, through company events/trainings, through using your product/service!  I like the expression “staying close to the camp fire.”  Staying close to your team to help and support each other.  Every day say this to yourself: “be here a year from now”.

The below inspirational speech from Rocky Balboa 2006 really shows the Never Quit concept!

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